Does dining in the dark make food taste different?

Does dining in the dark make food taste different? How much of what we taste is based on what we see? Geraldine Scott found out with a trip to Dining in the Dark at Open, Norwich. It's no secret that a beautifully presented meal can entice you in making you want more - or a poorly presented one, thrown together, can make a dining experience less than luxurious. But I hadn't realised just how much of our taste sensations were influenced by what we could see in front of us on the plate. The so

A lesson in wine and food pairing even a novice can grasp

I’ll start by saying I am no wine connoisseur, and if looking for a bottle you’ll generally find me hovering around the £5 rosé in my local supermarket - Jean-Charles Boisset I am not. So when I went along to try some of the best wines the Norfolk Wine School could find, I took a much more sophisticated friend along with me, to lend me his palette. The night we were guests at was a first for the Norfolk Wine School, a charcuterie and wine workshop. The school was set up by chief wine tutor Je

Comedian Bridget Christie talks feminism ahead of International Women's Day

Comedians such as Amy Schumer, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have shown on the big screen that the answer to the ridiculous question ‘Can women be funny?’ is a resounding yes. But while critics may continue asking whether stand-up comedy and women can go hand in hand, performers such as Bridget Christie are drawing large crowds on the scene. Bridget is 44 and has been in the comedy game for over a decade. In the last few years she has added to her standing by receiving critical acclaim and winning

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