Freeports ready for takeoff: Could Yorkshire be at the forefront of post-Brexit trade?

As negotiations with the EU appear gloomy, the way in which the UK trades with other countries and remains prosperous come 2021 has yet again been up for discussion. The creation of up to 10 freeports, where goods can be imported without paying customs duties, is seen as somewhat of a panacea. But opinion on them is split, with little understanding in the public consciousness of what benefits they may actually bring, as Geraldine Scott reports.

Abuse, rebellions, and reflections: The two Yorkshire MPs at the forefront of the Brexit debate - but on opposite sides

Albeit on different sides of the argument, two Yorkshire MPs have been at the forefront of the Brexit debate for the last three and a half years - and before. On the UK’s first day outside of the EU for decades, Hilary Benn and Andrea Jenkyns speak to Westminster Correspondent Geraldine Scott to reflect on the struggle, and look at what comes next.